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Varies depending on volume. Most jobs are posted the same day that they're received. Jobs are guaranteed to be posted within 72 hours.

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You will receive one email notice when the order has been fulfilled, detailing which headings your page is listed under.

Expiration Notice:
You will receive an email notice five business days prior to the expiration of your job post(s), giving you the option to renew your job post(s).

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Geographic Organization:
The global job board is organized with country, state/province/district, and city names listed alphabetically. [Note: Companies located in countries that do not speak or write in English are encouraged to post jobs in their native language, but we ask, at this time, that at least the company information portion be filled out in English. Thank you.

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Industries are listed in alphabetical order. Jobs posted within each industry are listed in the order received. Most recent on top

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Job titles are listed in alphabetical order. Jobs posted under the same job title are listed in the order received. Most recent on top.

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Headhunters.com has received and will continue to receive heavy traffic; your job post will get viewed by many professionals. However, Headhunters.com does not assume responsibility for the quantity or quality of traffic that may come to your company's website, email inbox, FAX machine or mail box from Headhunters.com.

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Right To Cancel:
In view of scam artists and illegal businesses, Headhunters.com reserves the right to cancel service, at any time, should Law Enforcement agencies alert Headhunters.com to said companies or individuals doing business under its purview.

Federal Regulations:
Headhunters.com will not accept "work-at-home" job posts from companies that do not have a verifiable physical address.